Dan Doolittle, M.D.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Doolittle is the inspirational leader of our company! After over 20 years of practicing emergency medicine and serving as a medical director, Dr. Doolittle was acutely aware that things could be done better. The staffing companies he knew rarely supported and interacted with their providers, and rarely worked with their client hospitals to create the best team possible. Often, these large national staffing companies focused only on the bottom line, provided few solutions, communicated poorly, and were ineffective in forming a strong team of providers and client hospital staff.

To solve these problems and achieve better patient care, Dr. Doolittle created Integritas. Under his leadership, Integritas has steadily grown and most of our contracts come to us through word-of-mouth referrals.

Dr. Doolittle is quick to acknowledge he did not accomplish this alone. In the early years of Integritas no one was more important to the success of Integritas than Dr. Doolittle’s wife, Pam, who filled nearly all the administrative roles of the fledgling company, mainly from the family’s dining room table. Now, with the support of their team, the Doolittles enjoy more time with their family (their six children and 20 grandchildren live close by) and church family, with the occasional golf outing or beach trip thrown in! They enjoy traveling and actively support various ministries.

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