Testimonials From Our Clients

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“Integritas has been a true pleasure to work with over the last several years. Their staff are very professional and responsive to our needs. They have worked closely with our Medical Staff and have built a good relationship.”

Kim Pearson, Quality Director at Wabash General Hospital

“Since day 1 of our collaboration with Integritas they have never ceased to amaze our leadership team with their responsiveness, direction, and expertise. They have been incredibly easy to work with and have truly surpassed our expectations. We are so fortunate to be working with such a highly reliable organization.”

Josh Reising, Administrator at Tri State Community Clinics

“Since Integritas has started with us, I have seen a change in my nursing staff and physicians. The nursing staff is happier, more confident, and in turn providing better care. One nurse mentioned it was like a ‘giant weight was lifted off the ER’. In the last month I have received fewer complaints and have received compliments from patients. I look forward to working with Integritas, rebuilding the teamwork in our ER.”

Director of Emergency Services at a partner hospital

“The primary difference between Integritas and other similar groups is the quality of the physician who is fulfilling the obligation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many ED/hospitalist providers and the person who arrives at your door to fulfill the obligation isn’t always an A+ candidate. Sometimes there’s so much turnover that it might as well be a locums service. Integritas has been able to recruit locally due to having engaged local leadership and has been able to recruit and retain quality candidates.”

Finny Matthew, former hospital CEO

“I am very pleased with the interaction I have had with Integritas over the past few months. I appreciate the hands-on approach and look forward to continuing to grow together.”

Michelle Waller, Urgent Care Director

Testimonials From Our Providers

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“As a physician-centered company, Integritas makes it possible for me to have time for my family and my own personal development without ever compromising the pursuit of medical excellence. Their entire team is dedicated to one goal: helping their physicians provide the best possible care for their patients.”

Jonathon White, D.O.

“Integritas is a wonderful company to work for. I feel they strive to ensure their providers are happy and content. Integritas has the right people and processes in place that have produced the results and patient satisfaction that hospitals are working for. This gives me security of a long-term position.”

Zach Gustavison, P.A.

“Best company I ever worked for. The staff is phenomenal. Scheduling is a breeze and I am lucky to have the privilege of working with such a fabulous group of well-rounded people.”

Denis Kuzelj, M.D.

“I would definitely recommend Integritas to my colleagues and have in fact recommended this company to many of my friends. They are extremely attentive to my needs as a physician. Unlike some other staffing companies I have worked for, Integritas actually cares about my happiness and job satisfaction. They are extremely supportive to their physicians and mid-levels. Integritas allows me to come to work and focus on patient care. They take care of all the details for me.”

Christie Foster, M.D.

“The docs are wonderful. They are so approachable and easy to get along with that I think it puts the mid-levels at ease and cuts the stress from the nurses too. It takes the dread of confrontation out of going to work.”

Beth Kraus, N.P.

“Being a nurse practitioner that had worked mainly in a primary care setting, it was a little unnerving to transition into an urgent care/emergency department role. I’ve felt nothing but support from my colleagues as well as the nursing staff, support staff, HR, and managers. I enjoy working for Integritas; I get feedback, instruction, and learn something new every shift. A selling point for me was the fact that there would be times that a second provider would be on with me at the urgent care, which is different from other urgent cares, where I am the sole provider all shift. This gives me that extra layer of support in case I need another set of eyes or other assistance.”

Christina Brandt, N.P.

“I have been a physician for 25 years, and worked for many organizations. Few of these organizations have ever shown that they truly care about the patients they serve, and the physicians they employ. Integritas has proven to me that they care about both. My only regret in working with them is that I did not do it earlier in my career.”

Jon Hayes, M.D.

“Working with Integritas has unequivocally turned out to be one of my best career decisions. The staff here are diligent, approachable and sensitive to individual providers’ scheduling and ancillary clinical needs, making it easy for me to focus exclusively on my job—patient care. Where big corporate healthcare groups are struggling with ‘how do we get this job done’, at Integritas the mindset is ‘how can we do this job better!’ It has been a privilege to be a part of this innovative tradition. The goal has always been to provide exemplary medical care, giving our patients the Integritas edge!”

Gaurav Nigam, M.D.

Testimonials From Our Employees

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“Integritas is much more than just a company to work for. Their mission statement is something they live by professionally and personally; the compassion, patience, and love for their neighbor is truly seen in every employee and patient interaction. This company is set apart by their genuine desire to love like Jesus. I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of the Integritas family. I would absolutely encourage others to work with Integritas! This team is filled with warmth and support that is unmatched by any other.”

Micaylen Wolf

“I started working for Integritas right after graduating college because I wanted to gain experience in the healthcare industry. Not only have I grown professionally, but I have also learned so much and met so many wonderful people and providers. Integritas is such a great company to work for and truly does value their employees.”

Allison Craig

“As a scribe, there are many big companies which contract scribes. However, while going through the application process and interview, I quickly realized Integritas recognized my position in life and would work with me closely to help me achieve those goals. Also, what makes Integritas special to me is the family-like atmosphere that exists with my co-workers and supervisors, in which I feel supported by them in my daily and life goals. Other benefits of working at Integritas are; Being able to work alongside a great staff of doctors and nurses. Continual support and feedback on how to improve and continue to learn. Also, open welcoming communication with co-workers and supervisors. I would recommend others take advantage of the scribe position. I believe the relationships with physicians and learning experiences I have gained have been invaluable. I view Integritas as an Honest, Caring, and Close-knit company.”

Jacob Hercules, Scribe

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