Testimonials From Our Clients

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“Integritas has been a true pleasure to work with over the last several years. Their staff are very professional and responsive to our needs. They have worked closely with our Medical Staff and have built a good relationship.”

Kim Pearson, Quality Director at Wabash General Hospital

“Since day 1 of our collaboration with Integritas they have never ceased to amaze our leadership team with their responsiveness, direction, and expertise. They have been incredibly easy to work with and have truly surpassed our expectations. We are so fortunate to be working with such a highly reliable organization.”

Josh Reising, Administrator at Tri State Community Clinics

“Since Integritas has started with us, I have seen a change in my nursing staff and physicians. The nursing staff is happier, more confident, and in turn providing better care. One nurse mentioned it was like a ‘giant weight was lifted off the ER’. In the last month I have received fewer complaints and have received compliments from patients. I look forward to working with Integritas, rebuilding the teamwork in our ER.”

Director of Emergency Services at a partner hospital

“The primary difference between Integritas and other similar groups is the quality of the physician who is fulfilling the obligation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many ED/hospitalist providers and the person who arrives at your door to fulfill the obligation isn’t always an A+ candidate. Sometimes there’s so much turnover that it might as well be a locums service. Integritas has been able to recruit locally due to having engaged local leadership and has been able to recruit and retain quality candidates.”

Finny Matthew, former hospital CEO

“I am very pleased with the interaction I have had with Integritas over the past few months. I appreciate the hands-on approach and look forward to continuing to grow together.”

Michelle Waller, Urgent Care Director

Testimonials From Our Providers

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Integritas excels in supporting their providers both in the clinical and non-clinical setting. When I have needed assistance with anything, they have always been there to assist me. The staff helps to support me in those tasks that often get delayed in a busy physician world – forms, documents, applications, and renewals. Having that comprehensive team on my side is a lifesaver!

Patrick Riley, MD

Integritas has always been a pleasure to work with. The staff is courteous and friendly. They are very tuned in to helping the providers succeed and recognize the need of providers to balance their family and personal obligations with work. Of all the companies I have worked for, Integritas strikes the best balance between meeting the needs of the hospitals and addressing the needs of the physicians. They are an excellent company to work for. I feel that they always have my back.

David Mooth, MD

Best ED provider company I have ever worked for.

Glenn Lafleur, MD

My scheduler (Jenna) Is very friendly and pleasant to work with. She also tries to oblige all my requests for specific days to work and specific days off. She is almost always available to talk to, even after office hours if necessary. She conveys a sense of concern about my overall satisfaction with my schedule and with Integritas.

Andrew Zasada, MD

Testimonials From Our Employees

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I love that Integritas treats me as a person and not just an employee. They care about my work life AND my home life. They take the time to send birthdays treats as well as recognize other special events.

Christian Bedwell

Integritas has been the biggest blessing to me and my family. It is a feeling I have never experienced as an employee to truly be seen, heard, and cared for as an individual. The company’s Vision, Values, and Mission shine through in every interaction. I appreciate their devotion to growing not only as a company but investing in the professional growth of each individual as well. I have always said that God led me to Integritas and each day I continue in my career, that statement is proven to me even more. I genuinely enjoy the variety of tasks each day and the sense of involvement that I have within our company, while still being able to have dinner each night with my family. Integritas is beyond an employer, it truly is a family in Christ, as long as you embrace it.

Taylor Milam

While coming to Integritas from the firm world, I was not sure what to expect. That being said, they quickly became not only my employer but also my family. Time and time again, they put our families first and have been there for me through the highs and lows of my life. They remain my closest friends, biggest supporters (inside and outside of work), and top mentors.

Jeremy Null

My experience working with Integritas has not only had an impact on my professional development, but also my personal development. They are dedicated to their employees’ success and growth. Integritas administration knew I had hoped to go back to school one day and encouraged me to pursue that goal and to obtain my bachelor’s degree and has been very supportive along my journey.

Alexanderia Morris

Working for Integritas has been incredible. The team is friendly, exciting and hardworking, always striving for excellence and willing to help when it’s needed. The Christian atmosphere is refreshing and invigorating, and I couldn’t be happier to work here.

Caroline Gaskins

Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful right from day one and continue to do everything they can to make sure all employees have a positive experience.

Angela Schueler

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